These illuminated 3D printed Day of the Dead skulls cast hearts on walls. They are made of PLA, a biodegradable polymer based on polylactic acid, derived from corn starch.

A remote control allows you to choose between sixteen different colors for the light source. Moreover, three «Love modes» can be selected for light ambiances. The lamps come with a LED candle designed in our workshop. They are equipped with a battery that is rechargeable by USB port. It has an autonomy of twelve hours.

«It’s an allegory of death and passing time that fascinates since the dawn of time, transcended by the universal force of love.»

A few months ago the swiss based startup Wicked Robot set up an ambitious 3D printing workshop. The machines are working day and night to mass producing these decorative lamps

Now is a time of excitement for the team of Wicked Robot and for cause: their new creation, La Petite Mort, makes the buzz on social networks. These illuminated 3D printed Day of the Dead skulls cast hearts on walls.

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Facts and figures

Selling price of «La Petite Mort» on WeMakeIt starts at CHF 79 The lamp (except its separate LED module) is fully compostable. A lamp the size of an actual human skull requires 24 hours of printing and weights 300gr.
 The workshop has eleven 3D printers and can produce 300 skull per month, and the factory is ramping up quickly. All 3D Printers are named after science fiction robots heroes. Two years were necessary to acquire the know-how and develop the manufacturing technics. Design of the products is done by Swiss designer & 3D artist Alain Schlup.