A book of interviews and images by some of the most prominent young architects, photographers, artists and filmmakers gravitating around the world of architecture, edited by Quart Verlag.

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In a world that is constantly renewed through multiple conditions and where the circumstances of our time are so fluctuant and its contours so blurred it is difficult to foresee a clear direction for the future. We, as young architects about to undertake the profession, wonder which problematics and issues we will have to face and how to find our individualities and develop personal criteria for our own research. The attempt of the book is to explore and understand the position of the generation of architects and artists that precedes us and that has started to deal with the same world alterations right before us. Artists and architects are brought together seamlessly because we feel the connections between seemingly separated areas as the most enriching and in many cases the border in between is not so clear and some of the personalities oscillate between the two.


The publication is a collection of interviews with architects, photographers, artists and filmmakers coming from different countries and operating in different domains gravitating around the world of architecture. We asked all architects and artists to give us one image of their choice and a text describing their personal understanding of their profession. While the first one is more the expression of a conscious or unconscious aspiration, the second one is a rational understanding and declaration of intention. The text of the interview which follows is the result of a vis à vis conversation around a topic specifically decided with each figure. It is an unprecedented critical exploration of the domain of their work, their visions and hopes. Finally comes the complementary iconographic section, nevertheless not of minor relevance, that expresses the ideas that shape their thoughts and their visions.


They are some of the figures we value the most in the contemporary architectural scene and we believe they are successfully trying to exceed the current limits of their field and go forward in exploration and define their own basis. They are all young emerging international personalities who have obtained increasing recognition in the last years through prestigious prizes, important publications as well as renowned chairs in Swiss, European and American universities. Gathered together in this book they constitute a unique selection of the emerging contemporary architectural panorama.


The book will be published by Quart Verlag (Luzern) in both English and German editions and presented at the Venice Biennale of architecture in a historical palace. Each edition has 282 pages of 20 x 27 cm format, more than 300 among images and plans enrich the publication. It will be sold for CHF 54. Thanks to the support of some public institutions and private firms part of the book costs has already been covered. We do not seek help to pay the innumerable hours we spent on this project but to make the project feasible. We need your support to cover the actual cost of the publication. Our work, as well as all the journeys for interviews and mock up prints will not be compensated. The total costs including the publishing rights for the images, translations, editing, proofreading and the printing are over CHF 25.000. As usual with book projects, the publisher cannot give a financial contribution. In order to print and publish the book we need your help. Through this campaign you can support the project by buying the book in advance for a reduced price. You will hold the book in your hands before it will be officially on sale. We prepared different rewards according to the amount you contribute and any form of support is highly appreciated.

We deeply thank you.