What is it about?

Inspired by a short story by Janosch, a German children’s book author and illustrator, «The Musician in the air» shows the mysterious world of a foggy morning in Zurich. Hansel Pfefferle is curiously observing the creepy-crawlying of the microcosm in his block. In one corner there’s a group of old frogs with their mopeds, drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes. In an other a gang of mice is dancing to a ghetto-blaster and the spirits of the plants and the wind are flying around everywhere. But all of a sudden the chaos is interrupted by an unusual Figure…


How we work...

«The Musician in the air» is an animation project by Vincent Scarth and Jonas Studach. The whole film will be created with analogue animation techniques like hand drawn cartooning and stop motion. This workmanship distinguishes itself from the prevalent digital aesthetics of many contemporary animations. Analogue animation is attended by an artistic process, where we have to find our own solutions for the problems of animation. In this project we’ll combine different techniques and give some new ones a try. Therefore it also becomes a platform for experiments, where we can learn a lot for our future work as art teachers. Furthermore the acoustic experience and the soundtrack are very important. Here, we’d also like to record all of the sounds ourselves, so that the whole film will have an organic, handmade character.

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What’s important for us?

We see our film as visual poetry. It casts a magical view on the day-to-day life and on trivial details of the city, that we all know but often don’t consider. We’d like to make a contemporary work, which will be part of the European animation scene. With a bit of magical realism and inspired by local popular culture and japanese woodcuts, «The musician in the air» will be a fascinating, funny and willfull Film for all ages.

What’s in it for you?

An animations film like this is a very laborious thing: Next to all the material we’ll need (paper, colours, copy stand etc.) and the softwares we will work with, time is one of the most precious parts of an animation project. The more we can invest, the better the film! During the time we’ll need, we’ll have to scratch a living. And that’s where we need your support!

Why should you support two poor students in an undertaking like this? Well on one side you can acquire unique rewards. These are exclusive products, you can’t buy anywhere!

Besides we will send the film to various festivals and contests. It will threfore be seen by the public and you are an substantial part of it. Your support is therby essential for our careers as freelance animators and will hopefully emable more projects. Since we’ll both be art teachers, we will both also pass on our acquired knowledge about animation to others.

So be a part of this poetic oeuvre, make Hansel Pfefferle, the musician and the funky superfly alive and bring some more magic in the world of animation!