The World’s Parkour Family is planning to construct the first free running exercise hall in Switzerland. Support us and enable experienced and future free runners a safe training space!!

CHF 3’460

6% of CHF 50’000

"6 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 16/8/2014

What is Parkour?

fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina, body awareness and the ability to creatively interact with the urban environment and overcome challenges over and over again. all combined in one thing- parkour.

parkour is the activity of moving through urban areas, architectural and designed elements, like walls, rails, stairs, underground passages or poles, which ends up giving these things a totally new meaning.

it is about finding your own path through obstacles within your everyday surroundings and of course having fun while doing it!

rails are easily overcome, walls and underground passages quickly ran and jumped over.

Who we are

The association World’s Parkour Family (WPF) was founded 5 years ago by young Traceurs in BAsel and has gained national (within Switzerland) and international recognition. WPF coaches teach 60 adolescents and 20 college students weekly. Companies and Institutions book the experienced WPF Athletes for shows or workshops. There is a lively exchange happening with traceurs from all over the world through their online community (over 11’000 Likes on Facebook) and through organized meetings. WPF is well known throughout Switzerland thanks to their frequent media presence.

Our Project

The year- round training remains a challenge. Although WPF strictly maintains a respectful code of conduct, the training in public spaces can lead to conflict. Public installations arent always suitable to practice parkour jumps and landing techniques safely. Specific training opportunities are missing, especially the indoor ones.

Therefore, the WPF Team has developed a project for the Parkour Gym

The Gym

The principal purpose of WPF is to offer a gym with infrastructures for Parkour practice in Basel, where different target and age groups have the possibility to train all year round. International events and competitions are annual highlights planned in advance as well as training camps and training of new Parkour coaches.

Thats why we need your support

We are investing our own funds, labor and of course a lot of passion. Building the Gym we are applying our own manforce! We are also cooperating with our partners and are in conversation with sponsors, foundations to attain our target amount. But without YOUR support we might not make it: We urgently are in need of a startup capital to get the project running. This project will offer a space for many athletes to train and improve their skills and will thus become a center of attraction in the region.