There’s a long list of ideas for objects I would like to make. It ranges from gold plated tulip bulbs to gold plated chewing gum in reminiscence of the tulip mania in the 17th Century in Holland and the Californian gold rush in the 19th Century.

… furthermore I’d like to make toy parachutists hanging on parachutes made of emergency blankets – or a pile of discarded electronic equipment opposed to a pile of military equipment addressing the relationship between commodities in everyday electronics and the everyday war of the producing countries …

The exhibition…

will be held in the «Stadtgalerie» in Chur. And Vera Kappeler and Cha da Fö are going to perform for you!

More to see

The object «White Gold» is displayed at the annual exhibition at the Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur from 7. December to 19. January. On Thursday the 12. December you can find me working at the bar at the Kunstmuseum. 

From the 29. January – 1. February 2014 you can see the «Pineapples» at the Kabinett der Visionäre in Chur. The Opening is on the 25. January.

I’d be happy to see you there!