Digging (in the crates) / Hip Hop Slang for 1. skimming through record shops to find rare vinyls, 2. to understand

What is our project about?

The cie. bufam/andreavgunten deals with the question: «who am I?» and tries to find the answer by exploring their bodies in depth. Is our own existence authenthic, artifical, independent or heteronomous? How much do others influence my being? To what extend am I my own? Or do I want to be someone else? The research process requires intense soul-searching and allows dancers and choreographer alike to develop unique, personal, irreplaceable stories.

An intrinsic part of this process is a musician who composed individual signature sounds for every dancer’s personality and body language. These sounds will be played live on stage and guide the dancers through their performance.

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When and where do we perform?

  • Saturday, July 5th 2014, 20.30 (Premiere), group discussion with the compagnie after the performance
  • Sunday, July 6th 2014 18.00 and 20.30

Junge Bühne Bern, Brückenpfeiler, Dalmaziquai 69, 3005 Bern

Who are we?

  • CONCEPT/CHOREOGRAPHY: Andrea von Gunten
  • DANCE: Ben Sägesser, Branca Scheidegger, Eleonora Zweifel, Esteban Rodriguez, Lena Scheidegger, Luca Renzi, Sandro Minasi, Tamara Mancini
  • MUSIC/COMPOSITION: Luca Affolter (Azul CLTR)
  • ORGANIZATION: Andrea von Gunten
  • LIGHT: Pascal Pompe
  • GRAPHICS: Nicole Jost (Naisch Individual Arts)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Helen Ree (rehearsels), Lea Moser (performance)

Why do we need your support?

We have a lot to say and your support helps us raise our voice and present our work under adequate circumstances. To be more precise, you help us finance:

  • rent for studios and theatre
  • light engineering
  • general expenses for organizing
  • travelling and subsistence costs
  • composition

But most important: You are part of our project because you believe in us, our hard work and our ideas. Therefore, we want to give you something back!

What to you get in return?

You will get suprdupr goodies from us, depending on how much we are worth to you.

You are actively supporting us in resting easy at night, once part of the financing is resolved. For that you will get good karma and we wish you sweet dreams!

And if this should not be enough, be sure we know you are even more wonderful than you already are!