DMT, a living environment where via a EEG Headset the participants can adapt the ambience of the performance to match their brain activity.Let yourself get transposed into a multisensorial experience.

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All about DMT (Digital Mental Transposition)

Digital Mental Transposition (DMT) is a living environment controlled by emotions that will be exposed for the first time during the Nuit Blanche in Paris by In Dialog Collective.

DMT is an space where your can let your inner self become the drivetrain of your environment, where your emotions trigger unique shapes and landscapes generated specifically to fit yourself. You are able to establish an immersive empathic dialog with your surroundings, which will accordingly reply with specific movements and projections.

Technical aspects

It’s been now more than a year that In-Dialog has been researching on the brain activity capacities and its link with human’s emotions. For that propose, one of the most used tools have been EEGs (electroencephalogram headsets); electrophysiological devices that record the activity of the brain. The electrodes measure the voltage fluctuation within the neurons of the brain. That information is then translated and analyzed as brainwaves. The characteristics of those waves (frequency and amplitude) allows to differentiate them and give an interpretation of its meaning in terms of the brain activity. The gathered information is then translated into emotional states, allowing us to characterise it: active, passive, meditative, awareness, etc. Those are the triggers of the interactions of the pavilion.

Structure and movement:
The form designed creates a cocoon where the participants can lose themselves in the projections. It shrinks, making it a closed space, or expands creating an open space. This changes modify the intimacy of the space, thus generating curiosity from a distance and fascination from within. A main minimalistic frame serves as the spine of this body. It supports the mechanics of the ribs, that move organically following the emotional patterns of the users, giving life and mobility to the space.

Skin and projections:
A special fabric covers the whole body creating a skin that adapts himself to the movements provoked by the ribs. It creates translucent surfaces that allow the mapped projections to be visible from the inside and the outside. The projection mapping is an interactive visual restitution of the empathic reaction of the observer, creating different ambiances within the structure.

The dream team

Given the ambition of the project, your contribution will allow us to build the pavilion, to buy audio-visual equipment and part of the budget will be allocated for the event of the Nuit Blanche 2018.

In-Dialog is a collective oriented towards architectural and artistic research and experimentation. Since its creation in 2014, its main effort has aimed to develop devices and installations that explore human machine interaction. Most of the work is the result of a participative process that encourages collective artistic expression in a broad range of contexts.

Due to the complementarity of its team’s profiles and skills, they have established a transdisciplinary way of working. This has encourage them to diversify its partners, giving them a new set of tools and knowledges needed to accomplish their projects. This method of working can only be achieved thanks to the support from its contributors. They are the core factor of In Dialog’s ability to keep its independence. DMT is part of a bigger research on the field of emotions, and what can be achieved through technology. It opens a new door to create awareness and to question nowadays society. We started by creating (A) Dialog, a choreography lights that allows the user to translate its emotions into unique symbols. Today we want to create a whole environment where we can communicate through and with emotions.

Thank you for taking the time to understand the project, we hope to have awoken in you the desire to see this performance designed especially for you come to life.

Team names:

Calin segal
Tiffany Attali
Tara Habis
Joaquo Villalba
Codin Segal