Natural Health Clinic in Kenya

The 2500 people living in Ngutuk Ongiron are extremely dependant on the climate conditions: because of the drought, illnesses such as malaria, diarrhea and digestion and skin problems are very common. Since most hospitals are in Nairobi,there is 1 doctor for every 17’000 people in the Samburu area, and healthcare is too expensive to be accessible to the local population. This is why we chose to adress this lack of healthcare in Samburu with our DINAFRICA project, which consists in promoting natural health in this area with 2 concrete measures.


Our measures

For us, using the local natural ressources is the solution. The area, one of the poorest in the country from an economical point of view, is very rich in medicinal plants. A good application of therapeutical plants would allow us to cure and efficiently prevent many illnesses in this area. We are planning, in this way, to improve the sanitary autonomy of the people in this region by giving them access to high quality natural therapies. Using local ressources (medicinal plants, aromatic herbs) will also create new jobs in this area, and therefore foster the local economy.

Our two concrete actions :

  • Setting up an essential oils distillery and a medicinal plants laboratory. The laboratory will also be used as a training centre for Kenyans interested in aromatherapy. The goal of this centre is to ensure the sustainability of the project and promote research in the field of medicinal plants.
  • Building a well equipped with an ecological water purification system accessible to the adjoining school and to the locals in order to ensure access to water, the key element for better sanitary conditions.

We need you!

To carry out this project and help the 2’500 people in the community of Ngutuk Ongiron, we needed 65’000 Swiss francs. These funds have already been partially raised through other projects. We still need 30’000 Swiss francs to carry out our mission. Help us to improve health conditions in the Samburu area by making a donation on the wemakeit platform and enjoy the many rewards we are offering!