This is what it's all about:

This is a double project: to support Welfare for Animals in Goa (WAG), that help stray dogs that are currently starving due to the situations brought by Covid19 and help a volunteering network (the Covid Goa Humanitarian Helpline) that distributes food to disadvantaged people in Goa.

Why I want to help: In 2018 I volunteered for WAG: they are doing a great job in helping stray animals, mostly dogs, cats and cows with food and sterilizations. But 2020 is a tough year for WAG due to the Covid19 which is slowing down their feeding. I also made many friends in Goa that are now volunteering for the Covid Goa Humanitarian Helpline, and I really want to help them the way I can, by organizing this crowdfunding for them.

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This project is important because ...

WAG has a long standing beach feeding & monitoring programme which usually starts 1st of May, every year, when most shacks shut down, leaving many of the gentle & loving beach dogs to face hardship and even starvation.

But now due to the CORONA VIRUS many shacks have shut early. Most tourists have also left early, and many had formed loving & caring relationships with the «dog under their deck bed» who they brought special food, and even tick medicines for. So now, many of these dogs are looking worried and start to die of hunger, as food is usually provided by tourists and locals that are all in confinement now.

In addition, with the danger of Corona virus, many people have difficulties in getting food: disadvantaged people, poor people, elder people living alone. This is why the Goan Humanitarian Helpline has been created. However money is needed to supply people and animals with food. This Helpline is composed of volunteers coming from several Goan organizations, groups and businesses that I am familiar with, such as Terra Conscious (, Goa Outreach (, OffBeat Goa (, Make It Happen Goa (, Soul Travelling (, SoFar Events ( or Journey With Meanings (

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This is what we need backing for:

Due to the corona virus, donations to WAG are going slower, their feeding program is thus threatened, and many disadvantaged people in Goa are struggling to get food too.

I would like to raise 5000 CHF which will allow people and animals to get more food during these hard times. Half the amount will go to WAG and will be used for their feeding program and the other half will go to the Covid Goa Humanitarian Helpline to help as many people as possible. If the amount of 5000 CHF is exceeded, the surplus will be distributed to both organisations in the same way, and will therefore be used to help even more people and animals.

The «reward» list gives you an idea of how the money can be used.