Update to the Situation in Afghanistan: By Education_for_Integration, on 7/10/2021 15:27

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On Saturday we did another action in the main city of Afghanistan, Kabul. We went to a big national park in Kabul where there are over 100’000 people living on the streets. 
Our local volunteers cooked for over 500 people. We cooked traditional rice with some vegetables, as well some pieces of bread which we packed into a lunch box and a bottle of water. 

Together with our volunteers there was a camera man which helped them out and kept the moments on his camera. Because there were more people (over 1000 persons) coming then we were expecting, in all the rush and hungriness, one volunteer and the camera man was injured as well as the camera was destroyed in this action. Once we receive the report and the pictures we realised even more that these human beings are desperate in their current state. They are hungry, their children are hungry, they are frustrated, sad with all the situation. They feel so much uncertainty that they are not able to process their emotions and therefore their actions. 
One of these meals for one person is 2 CHF and this was only possible because our volunteers cooked the food on their own to safe expenses as well as the fact that the people we helped Saturday were all homeless grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, daughter and sons which are not able to cook on their own at the moments sine they don’t have utensils. 
The priority of all these human beings at the moment is food, for them and their families. 

 We are requesting every single human being, from politicians to companies to all single human being on this planet help us helping them. Support us even with just 2 CHF or whatever it is possible for you. Even small amounts can help people in need.

We have to stop to give the statements. This is the time to give action. 

We have to share a little part of our food with them.

Sending them the message: 

We see + We hear + We care for = YOU

One thing about our NGO, Education for Integration, we are an organisation which has only volunteers in it. None of us is payed. We all do volunteer work and try to find always a bit of time to work on Education for Integration and help as many people as possible. Give them a smile.


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Teachers need your help By Education_for_Integration, on 28/9/2021 11:16

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Since we started to help and send aid to these different people in need in Afghanistan, we have received many requests for this aid package. At the moment we have over 20’000 families registered of people that are in need of help. Under these families are many female teachers. Since the regime changed in Afghanistan girl-schools have been close therefor many female teacher have not been able to work. Only from the capital city Kabul, we have 850 teachers in need of support.

Please help us to support these different families and teachers.

Thank you for all the supporters and future supporters. We appreciate every help we can get!


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