This is what it's all about.

Dear Everyone Out There: It’s are ready to go!: Music from the Acoustic Neighborhood has recorded its first CD: «Donde Son Estas Serranas». Here are the fruits of the labors of three exceptional musicians working together with lutenist-composer Lee Santana. Now we need your help in financing this recording of a rarified, profound and energetic music. We are excited and proud to share with you this enigmatic adventure of unanswered questions and musical riddles.

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Music in and out of the time-space-continuum. Timed. Timeless.

Four musicians, four virtuosi, four passions, four dares…the resulting music is a puzzling alchemy melting the hard borders between old,new,composed and improvised.


This is what I need backing for.

To these ends we ask your means, or a pittance thereof. With a little help from our friends, we can insure the production and international distribution of this recording. Thanks for your consideration.