365+ photographs of naked people in the streets and interiors of Brno—Bratislava—Budapest—Vienna. Contemporary, nontraditional, «a guide to life» in the region of the former Austro—Hungarian Empire.

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365+ photographs of naked people in the streets and interiors of Brno, Bratislava, Budapest, and Vienna. Contemporary, nontraditional, visual ’’a guide to life’’ in the region of the former Austro—Hungarian Empire.

So far the third, however, the bravest, the biggest, the boldest, and the most narrative publication of a photographic project Daily Portrait. The imposing quality hardcover book of spectacular 30x40 cm dimensions embodies five hundred enthralling pages.

Dive into the book and explore four countries during all four seasons of years 2018—2020. Gaze at enigmatic places which of some do not or soon will not exist anymore. Spot iconic architecture of the cities and peek into the homes of their citizens.

Submerge yourself in atmospheres of the cities through big photographs and experience their feel, mood, and spirit. The people have been photographed naked in busy streets as well as at remote secluded places.

In the cities, there are less and less places where our souls could unwind, where we could be ourselves just as we are.

The photographs are accompanied by a narrative which tells a story of how the characters face rising boredom and sterility of their surroundings. People of different races, nationalities, religion, body shapes, and age.


Where would you draw the line between utopia and dystopia?

Among communities that fight the sterile city environment, there can be found a bicycle workshop combined with a vegan kitchen in Brno or an expat art studio in Budapest. The Brno bike workshop is now surrounded by newly built office premises, however, the studio in Budapest has already been forced to move to another place.

Bratislava is also one of the places that has been rapidly changing. It may have been the last chance to capture the postcommunist character of the place before the ’Dom odborov’ and other world—class valuable architecture will be demolished and replaced by a shallow average one.

In Vienna, you may stray into areas which mirror little independent towns; Kleingartenvereine are full of small houses that resemble Japanese streets. People modify the houses to their liking, most of the times with a pinch of irony and humour. What a for—the—eye refreshing place in the more and more sterile city.


30x40cm big, 500 pages, 381 photos. Canvas hardcover with embossing. High quality paper. English language. You can choose between two cover colours: white or red.