What is Drao Oracle?

Drao is an oracle of 52 cards, and its booklet of inspirational texts and questions, seeking to stimulating your intuition, your abilities and talents especially in time of changes or doubts.

Your answeres are in you, this deck helps you to reaveal them and to reveal yourself.

Being it to reconcile you with yourself, (re)discover your qualities, realizing the journey you already made, defining your needs more clearly or simply developping your intuition, you have found, with Drao, the partner that is looking forward to be by your side on your journey to You.

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Status of the project

Today, after over 21 months of creation, the printing files are almost ready. The inspirational texts are being reviewed and translated. A test run of the mockup will be done soon to verify the latest adjustments.

The printing will be done by a specialized Swiss company, using the regional competencies allowing me to be in close contact with passionate artisans and benefitting from their precious knowledge and it is gold value! It even add a nice vibration to the deck.

Minimizing the carbon trace also motivated my choice as producing close to my home reduces the footprint of this tool to its production and delivery to its future users.

Cost ventilation: 12’000.- Printing costs 1’400.- WeMakeIt Fees 600.- Shipment costs

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Your advantages

In addition to the satisfaction of participating to the creation of the first edition of the deck, you may enjoy advantages that your will not find elsewhere.

The price includes the shipment to any destination with a postal service.

The oracles shipped will be numbered and signed and you also have the possibility to get goodies such as bookmark or personal diary at the images of cards of the deck. There is even the possibility to get a personal consultation with me in Geneva or through Skype/Facetime in English or French.

I’m looking forward to being able to send you your deck or goodies and thank you in advance for participating to this adventure.


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