Dear parents, dear children!

My name is Аnton Stutz, I am artist and the creator of this Internet project – publication of the art album «Drawing together, the Birth of an Artist». In this publication I will show the evolution of my art, from the works of my childhood. It is an interactive project and I invite all the children from 2 to 16 who are fond of drawing to take part in it by submitting their drawings.

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Take part in the project and together we’ll make an original art book!

All the children like to draw, but, as is often the way, time goes by and they abandon this once favorite pastime, which is really a pity. Creativity contributes to the all-round development of child’s personality, and with the help of this project I would like to support children’s creativity. I hope that you as parents will appreciate this idea, and in your turn, will support the project and organizationally help your children to enter the project. I’m sure that together we’ll make an exciting journey!

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Thanks to your support,

the children who like to draw will be able to participate in this original art project. I am sure that lots of young artists will want to take part in the project and that we will have to select the best participants on a competitive basis. Children from any country are eligible to participate in the competition. The album will be published at the end of November 2020. All the children who took part in it will receive 1 copy of the album for Christmas. Its substantial part — 30 spreads - will be dedicated to the creativity of the best young artists selected on a competitive basis.

Why 30 spreads? Children-artists will be presented in the book by the age category — there will be 15 categories from 2 tо 16 years accordingly. We shall publish the works of the children who took the 1st and the 2nd place in every category of the competition. I, as the author of the project, have prepared a system of rewards for the people who decided to support this art project. Below you will find information on them. Your contribution may start from 15 CHF. For your child to be able to participate as potential artist in the album, we invite you to support the project by making a contribution starting from 39 CHF. During these several months the project will be developing and taking shape. Young artists will draw in free manner, I’m only going to suggest for the children the themes for their drawings. All the children who participate in the project deserve encouragement. The project of our album’s edition is on a win-win basis — 30 best drawings will find their place in the pages of the book, but all the other children-participants will have their own personal page pasted into the book. Therefore, all the children will be pleased. All the funds raised thanks to you will be directed for completing the layout of the book and for paying for its being published. Register free of charge for participation in the project at

Young artists will be able to create there a gallery of their own drawings and to prepare their creative portfolio for participation in the edition of the album «Drawing together, the Birth of an Artist».

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