With your help, we dare to dream of publishing our first book celebrating the 10th anniversary of ROTES VELO Kompanie

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Why are we publishing a book?

Within the frame of Rotes Velo´s 10th anniversary the company has been invited to co-produce a new performance with the Luzerner Theater. On this occasion we have chosen to create a theatre production based on an original text, written by Emilio H. Díaz Abregú, one of the directors of the company. It took one entire year of hard work to arrive to its final version. Every word was carefully crafted with the help of collaborators and mentors. And when it was finally ready, it was clear that the text should be published.

From the beginning of the foundation of the company, finding different ways of engaging with the audience has been a fundamental goal. We believe that dance and theatre are one of the many outlets we can use to share our points of view. We are convinced that when we are performing, the piece that happens in the minds of the spectators is exponentially more powerful, deep and meaningful than the piece that happens on stage. The spectator in its active role completes the piece, contrasting it with their own poetic universe of associations. Within literature something similar happens, but by having the book in your hands you engage in the poetic universe at your own pace, allowing time and space to complete it with your own fantasy and develop your own personal associations.

Publishing a book has always been a dream. A dream that appeared far at the beginning, but that now seems more reachable. This is why we are happy to embrace the challenge.

Get an impression of the text through one of the monologues in the following video. You can find this text excerpt in English and German on our website.

Our project is special because...

… after printing the book people will have the possibility to watch the piece on stage as well as bring the story back home.

But there is more…

Since this book is printed with the 10th anniversary of Rotes Velo in mind, we have decided to include in the edition, an interactive chronology of the company. The reader will be invited to make a journey through time, visiting the different productions of the company with the help of different medias. Texts, pictures and even videos! The interactive design of this chapter of the book will provide the reader with links to access some of the more emblematic productions of the company.

This is why we need your support

Good news! Most of the work needed for this project has already been done! We are now launching this crowdfunding to finance the printing costs of the book. You can pre-order the book directly and support the publication with your purchase. And for those who wish to contribute further with the funding there are some really nice and valuable surprises as an extra reward. We are sure you will have great pleasure in discovering them.

Any kind of support, even a like or share is hugely appreciated. Helping this campaign reach more people is a great help. Don’t forget, word of mouth is one of the most helpful and valuable means of advertisement… so please tell your friends and families about this project. As a team, we thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts!

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