Drone To The Bone – Festival

Drone To The Bone – Festival

by Drone to the bone


Drone to the bone is celebrating 10 years with a huge alternative music 10 days festival. From the 2nd to the 12 of October. More than 40 bands from all around the World and lots of free shows!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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For the past 10 years, DRONE TO THE BONE has been active in Geneva, setting up about 200 shows for more than 300 bands and artists from all around the World. While mostly focussed on all «extreme» Metal genres (black metal, hardcore), we regularly program every different kinds of music, from drone and ambiant soundscapes to hip-hop, folk or even classical music.

Diversity, passion and implication are the main driving forces of DRONE TO THE BONE which is now celebrating 10 years of musical activism. 10 years promoting cultural diversity, supporting local, Swiss and international bands and contributing in total independence to the programs of almost every single venue in Geneva, from the worldwide-reknown Usine, to the Cave12, L’Ecurie, L’Undertown, La Gravière and many more.

The project

To celebrate its 10 years of activism, DRONE TO THE BONE is organising a huge 10 days festival, which will take place in Geneva from the 2nd to the 12 of October in various venues of the city.

The festival will host more than 40 bands and artists coming from Switzerland, Europe and beyond, and covering a wide range of musical styles from black metal to hip-hop, rock, stoner, doom, techno, harsh noise and drone. In addition, a Sunday musical brunch, a relaxed evening around a piano, a photo and poster exhibition during the whole festival, and much more.

How we'll be using your donations?

Your donations will serve exclusively to greet and pay for the 40 bands that will be performing during the 10 days of the festival.

Although some venues have the necessary funds for these kinds of expenses, it unfortunately is not the case for the majority of the places hosting the festival. Furthermore, we attach a particular importance to make our events accessible and affordable to everyone : 16 out of the 21 shows will be on «open price» to allow anyone to be part of it.

According to our calculations, a budget of 15’000 Francs is needed to run the festival independently. This sum takes in account the bands’ accommodations, their meals, their welcoming and the fees for the local bands and the headliners of the festival.

15’000 Francs is a significant amount of money and we know it. That’s why we have set a first goal at 5’000 Francs, even though we need more. This base, however, would cover at least the accomodations and meals for every artist and establish a small financial reserve that we could use to compensate the bands’ fees that could not be ensured by the shows on «free price».