It’s about...

We both together, Lea Kieffer (F) and Oleg Kaufmann (CH), develop the dancetheater piece «e Go». We really want to perform this piece in February 2013 on stage. To be able to do so, we need your support. And we have some very interesting rewards for you. At the end you might stand on stage with us together…!

What does move me?

We are the founders, developpers, performers and dancers in this piece. We are professionally educated artists. We generate movement, therefore we use approaches from dances, performance and improvisation. Our approach is to work processoriented. At the end our both ego’s will be integrated in the piece.

«What moves me?» «How do I let move me by another person?» «When does my ego move?» «»Do I move against my ego? …. or together with it?» «How do I ackknowledge the ego of my opponent and what does it make with me?»

We are concerned with a lot of questions in the process of work and still we find new ones.

We are really convinced that we will develop a unique and interesting piece. We are very grateful for your support. If you like what you see from us in the video, then please give us the chance to show more!

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