A new shopping ecosystem where sustainability is the new normal. A practical, personal and local solution for low-waste living.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 18/3/2021

Effortlessly ethical

EasyVrac groups in one single online market the whole of Lausanne’s zero waste offer, providing digital visibility to local shops and suppliers, who become partners.

Their products are sold online at the exact same price as at the store. As a customer, you can purchase products from different shops in one single place.

EasyVrac’s team shops for you and delivers your purchase to your home or workplace by electric bike in selected reusable containers: cotton or paper bags, glass or stainless steel jars and bottles. A QR code system enables traceability of containers and recollection once empty, to be washed and reintroduced in the circuit.

Service fees can be paid each time (16%), or replaced by a better priced subscription fee for frequent customers, which also includes a custom sustainable lifestyle coaching session.

Our aim ? Make low-waste living more accessible and inclusive.

Why ? In order to massively reduce waste and make Lausanne a circular economy leader, then replicating the model throughout Switzerland.

  • Photo credit: Annie Spratt
    Photo credit: Annie Spratt
  • Refill revolution
    Refill revolution
  • Delivery partner kargo.bike
    Delivery partner kargo.bike

Why support us

EasyVrac addresses the need for practical solutions for sustainable consumption through an innovative online market that amplifies existing transition leaders.

Our service makes it easy to adopt new consumption habits thanks to increased visibility and availability of packaging-free products.

These are delivered by electric bike in EasyVrac’s reusable jars and containers, which are then recollected once empty, washed and reused.

Each Swiss person generates on average 700kg of waste every year. Becoming an EasyVrac customer means reducing this amount by at least half, while supporting a local entreprise working out of and for Lausanne.


Despite constant growth in the supply of packaging-free products, changing consumption habits remains a challenge for most consumers. Zero-waste shops are not very well known, dispersed in the urban space and require additional organisation. Moreover, the overall range of available packaging-free products remains limited.

  • Photo credit: Kelsey Chance
    Photo credit: Kelsey Chance
  • Traceability with QR codes
    Traceability with QR codes
  • EasyVrac service
    EasyVrac service

This is what I need backing for

Your contributions will serve to finance the necessary infrastructure for a service at the forefront of technology, integrated and circular:

A logistics point to store and dispatch orders; a professional dishwasher; electric bikes;

As well as an online market and IT platform with features such as:

Geo-referencing shops and delivery; Tracking and traceability of reusable containers and jars; Filters to find exactly what you’re looking for; Multiple payment modes; Video tutorials to support your transition towards a sustainable lifestyle.

IMAGINE feeding yourself without generating tons of waste, taking care of your body with natural and healthy products, not having to take the rubbish out every other day, all without additional efforts in your daily life !

By supporting EasyVrac, we use innovation and technology to consume better; we protect biodiversity; we strengthen the local economy and we take care of our health.


Mickaël Gaume is our CFO, in charge of finance and IT. He worked many years in finance as a credit underwriter.

Urban planner by training, our COO Rorie Nazareth is in charge of logistics and operations, as well as client relations.

Our CEO Erica Mazerolle is responsible for partnerships and public relations.

Mickaël, Rorie, Erica
Mickaël, Rorie, Erica