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ED Swiss project aims at creating, developing and producing eyewear that regulates biological rythm. These devices are solving sleeping issues (insomnia, jetlag, night work) due to artificial light exposure (ex.: LED light, LCD display). ED Swiss eyewear filters specific parts of the light spectrum seen by the brain as stimulating. If you wear our glasses 2 hours before sleeping time, the secretion of melatonin (an hormone that enables sleeping) will be regulated.

A few words about melatonin

Melatonin is an hormone secreted by our body that regulates our chronobiological rythm. Our body secretes more melatonin when our eyes see the light decrease. This process is naturally happening at sunset. If the natural light decreasing is compensated by some artificial light sources (see hereafter), the secretion of melatonin will be postponed. And then sleeping will be troubled. Further than fatigue, sleeping troubles are inducing other diseases (see hereafter).

Artificial light sources

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Computer display
  • TV screen
  • LED light
  • «neon» light


Some exemples of diseases induced by troubles of chronobiological rythm.

ED Swiss eyewear

  • Frame made of pure cellulose, light, recyclable, anallergic
  • Screen made of cellulose with special filtering treatment
  • Made in france
  • Compatible with prescription glasses
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User guide

You just have to wear ED Swiss glasses at least 2 hours before sleeping time when exposed to artificial light.

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Where are we ?

Design and prototyping is achieved. Now we have to develop tooling, order raw materials, and make the first pieces. We are counting on you !