Nominated Gabon's top basketball player in 2019, Sam needs support to pay the annual fee for his graduation in June 2024. You can help him and his family. Be part of his story—Contribute now!

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Support Sam's Graduation

Hello incredible supporters! Meet Sam, a young man from Gabon whose dreams go beyond the basketball court: Inspire young people to never give up on finding motivation to achieve their dreams, especially in the most difficult times.

At just 10 years old, after the loss of his father, Sam faced significant challenges, becoming responsible for supporting his three sisters and two brothers, immediately starting work despite being just a child. Sam contributed to the studies of his sister Gloire who is now attending high school in Gabon and the studies of his brother Stephane who is now studying Computer science in Senegal.

Despite many difficulties, his unwavering passion for basketball fuels his dream of making a lasting impact and achieving a better future. In 2019, after a basketball boot camp organized by the American TMG association, he was selected as the best player and receives administrative support to obtain a visa. Here he finally begins his studies in sports science but without the support of a scholarship and with many limitations as an international student.

The funds

In October 2023 started the first quarter, and in order to participate in the spring semester and complete his degree in June 2024, he must pay a first tuition of $6,425, and a second tuition of $5,575 for the spring/summer quarter.

If he does not complete the first payment by the end of December, he will not be able to continue his studies and will be forced to return to his country, in the same condition with which he left a few years ago. Asking for your help is the only opportunity available at this stage.

Contributions will directly fund Sam’s university tuition, allowing him to focus on studies and basketball. Your generosity is a lifeline, sending a powerful message of hope to Sam and countless others facing challenges, a message that dreams are achievable through collective support.

Support Sam's Journey

Every contribution is not a financial transaction; it’s an investment in Sam potential and ability to overcome adversity. Your generosity today doesn’t just fund his education; it helps to create hope, resilience, and support for a better future for him and his family.

Thanks to the support of his community, family and friends, you can benefit from unique rewards.