We are a team of badass women looking to disrupt education for the better. Support us to spark kids curiosity & creativity to enable them to follow their passions, dream big, and care for the planet!

CHF 20’728

103% of CHF 20’000

103 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

107 backers

Successfully concluded on 24/12/2022


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L’éducation pour enfants est primordiale

I’d like to know and try different ways of educating my little friends. :)

Education is powerful

J’ai eu l’occasion de tester la version bêta et je dis absolument convaincu.

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All shoulders to the wheel of building a better world. This is a worthy initiative - an investment in the leaders of the future!

Un projet magnifique pour nos enfants porté par deux entrepreneuses exceptionnelles ! Saisissez l’opportunité d’y participer...

Keep it up young women, you are brave, kind-hearted and help the world tk change. There is no planet B!

Please Aequaland community,keep growing and help the world wake up and face the climate change in brotherhood. Time's running out!

It is a great project to involve childhood in the climate change stopping challenge. We believe in the project and its creators.

Let’s raise conscious and happy kids!

I back this project because at last someone is policing a secure and protective environment to stimulate exploring young minds

We need more investment and resources focused on education

I rate Lucy and the concept is excellent

I believe in education that fosters creativity, collaboration and empathy. Aequaland empowers kids to protect & care for nature