We are a team of badass women looking to disrupt education for the better. Support us to spark kids curiosity & creativity to enable them to follow their passions, dream big, and care for the planet!

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Magical Moments of Learning

We care deeply about every child having a dynamic, inspiring, and empowering education, filled with content that stimulates them, helps them identify and nurture their unique superpowers, and get fit for the future.

We are really excited about what the future holds for the next generation… buuut we’re also terrified! That’s why we set out on an adventure to build Aequaland and bring sustainable, inclusive education to families and schools. Now we need your help to breathe life into this community vision for Aequaland: to develop a platform that is accessible by subscription for families.

We are on a mission to empower children to become their own superheroes. We are educating tomorrow’s leaders on global citizenship with meaningful minigames that foster moments of delight and enhance 21st-century skills. We focus on kids age 5-11.

So what’s our magic? We turn massive global topics, including deforestation, climate change, inclusion, and creativity and innovation, into bite-size digestible portions for kids whilst supporting them in building life skills. We empower families with tools that directly contribute to what kids will need in the future whilst caring for one another and the planet. We want to create a positive social impact by furthering children’s development and ultimately creating a diverse, safe, inclusive and space for education for all.

Catalysing curiosity, magnifying creativity, and fostering a love of learning

Our minigames are fun, educational, and safe! They excite children, spark curiosity and ignite their passions. It’s a trigger point for so much more learning, as learners are so engaged. With Aequaland, we can build a forest, we can save the bees, all in the knowledge of knowing, we’re giving our children the skills they’ll need to go through their own educational journey, while being the change-makers of tomorrow.

The Green Planet, focused on sustainability, is the first in our universe — set in a colorful planet to guide children through global warming, bees and conservation and deforestation while building life skills.

The Blue Planet is focused on diversity and inclusion, which is now in the making. This covers skills such as empathy, self-belief and self-agency. It explores themes of identity, and belonging, with the classic Aequaland special touches of characters and storytelling.

Our minigames ecosystem helps kids to discover self-agency, self-discovery and socio-emotional learning. From the get-go, we impart the attitude to children of: look at what you’ve built today - imagine what you can build tomorrow!

Want your kid’s education to be joyful, inspirational, and focused on empowering? We’re here to help.

We have had so much initial excitement from parents for our product, so we want to build a way to give families access to the product and reach more kids through this medium.

We want to be able to give this early access and support to parents, as the champions of their children’s education, and their greatest role models. We need your support to make this happen, together.

Our world needs empowered global citizens, to navigate world wars, the climate crisis, and continuing technology disruption and innovation. Children have no choice about the world they inherit. However, we can support them to get future proof for growth.

We’ve begun, and we want you aboard this adventure with us. Join us today (and become a beta tester and part of our early adopters in your community!), share this with a friend, share our campaign on socials, or tell a parent you know about it.

Adelante mis valientes! 🦄🦄