Hallo Velo says... hello!

The project that was launched in december 2015 by messengers from Geneva and elsewhere relies on our friendship and common passion for the job as bike messengers.

We are working for and towards a local and social economy that relies on the values of solidarity. As we are a cooperative, everyone has his word to say and responsibilities to take. We decide together on our actions. And we care each other cause working as a bicycle messenger is some days quite tricky…

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Hallo Velo wants a fair economical management

Be transparent with race prices and offer a fair system which include a rating per kilometers travelled and not a rating per city district (that means more you live/work far away citycenter, more race price increase)

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Hallo Velo wants to go bigger, fatter, heavier!

We have been doing our first deliveries since the launch of our activities. But even with costs reduced to a minimum, our operative charges eat up all our resources and prevent us from investing to be more efficient. With your support we could buy a cargo bike that would allow us to deliver bigger, fatter, heavier!

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Hallo Velo is PINK OUTside and INside !

The Coop-Modele allows us to promote equally bike riding than computer writing or calls answering. We wants to give every one of us the same hourly wage rate !

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