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Endless Project – Portugal

The «Endless Project» could be a cartography of independent art spaces in Europe or even be considered as a documentary. It could also be a representation of my mental landscape… or a series of images that tell stories… stories of encounters with other artists, in fact banal everyday stories.

This project is not a photographic reportage. You can almost see it as such, while remaining aware of its subjectivity and your very own. The images of «Endless Project» are not series of artists’ portraits, they are in fact traces of meetings with inhabited places.

Each interview involves a process of getting to know one another, sometimes used as a battle of words, other times as a divergence, and furthermore the «sharing of egos» in convergence. During these meetings I place points on a map which will later be used to develop the narration of the «Endless project».

I developed this project in France, Holland and Germany. Today I open a new chapter in Portugal with all the experience I have accumulated over the past three years. I would be very glad to share these new experiences from Lisbon and Porto with you.

Where and with who?

  • PORTO ————————————————
    Cubo ( Antiga Moagem Ceres )


Date and Timeline

From March 2013 to October 2013.

Already realized «Endless Project»

  1. Les Atelier du bout du monde – Lorient – fr – 2011
  2. Fondation B.a.d – Rotterdam – nl – 2012
  3. Funkhaus – Berlin – de – 2012

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