Ensemble Passacaglia: bringing international Baroque Music in Fribourg.

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Who are we?

At the origin of our ensemble is a meeting in fall 2016: one of four friends (Guillaume Castella, Ayako Ono, Charles Sudan and Rodolfo Zitellini) driven by a common desire to discover the unexplored parts of the musical Baroque. Since we are ourselves from different countries and custodians of different cultures, we thought to represent them also in the music we perform, which comes from Switzerland, France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. Thus, we follow the path traced by those who, at the time, worked there, lived and traveled to frequent the various cultural and musical circles.

What we do: Krieger - Das ist des Vaters Wille
What we do: Krieger - Das ist des Vaters Wille

The project and the future

After several concerts in Fribourg in 2017, we are trying to develop and expand our ensemble in order to be able to perform and reach an even more broad repertoire. We would also like to invest more in the production of concerts to maintain a professional and high quality level.

Fribourg is a unique place not only for its musical heritage but for its deep musical tradition. In this respect it created a real intellectual vocation intertwined with music: Guillaume and Rodolfo are both earned their Master in Musicology at the University of Fribourg. However now we wish to extend our musical repertoire to the reach of a wider audience and to do this we want firstly to address it to a wider audience in the City, which we know is so loving towards music.

This all goes to...

The Ensemble Passacaglia has already organized two series of self-financed concerts in 2017. We are now planning a new series of two concerts in Freiburg on 25 and 27 May 2018 for which we are already planning to expand our repertoire and resources. To do this, we need the help of the Fribourg community and other music lovers. This would allow us to rent a better concert hall, but also to perfect our advertising campaign and increase our resources in search of musical manuscripts.

We would wish to warmly thank in advance who wishes to support us.

All donations will have your name printed in our program - unless you ask not to.

Guillaume and Rodolfo
Guillaume and Rodolfo