Who are we?

We are Pink Jelly Bean and here we are with our first wemakeit crowdfunding campaign! We are Pink Jelly Bean a young Hard-Rock band from Ticino, born in 2011, who is going to enter the studio for the production of our second EP: #dirtytweet. The product will be recorded in collaboration with SoundTraxx Studios by Many Maurer (former member of Krokus), where we already recorded, in 2013, our first work: the EP Down Down, which allowed us to achieve a good reputation.

Here is a video from Take A Ride, a song from our previous EP:

Why should you back our project?

As you probably know, the production of a professional quality EP is very expensive. Your support will help us to face these costs. In other words, supporting the production of #dirtytweet you will contribute significantly to the protraction of our musical experience; for these reasons we prepared some exaggerated rewards for you!!!

We hope you’ll take part in our project!

Here’s a live videoclip filmed during the Palco ai Giovani Finals in Lugano this summer. Check it out!