Aging Skies

If music is the language, origin doesn’t matter. And that’s how we met, three young musicians from Switzerland and two refugees from Afghanistan who had to flee their country for living their passion.

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How it all began

I am Patrick Schwarz and I play the drums , the piano, the guitar and I sing my own songs. Because I can’t play all these instruments on the stage by myself that’s why I wanted to establish a band. I tried to find musicians in my college and that’s how I found Gian Marco Huber who had the ability to play the bass the way it fit into my songs.

The Band is getting international

We were searching for the third man who can support us with his rhythmic skills and we asked Reshad Afzali, the immigrant who newly joined college in our class. Reshad, who had graduated from Afghanistan National Institute of Music in the Field of Drums and Percussion, immediately said yes. In 2014 he had come to Switzerland with his Band White Page, because it was hard for them to live there and play their hard rock music.

Soon we realized that it’s tricky for Patrick to play the piano and the guitar at the same time. So we had to find a guitarist to join us. It is pretty hard to find a guitarist who can immerse into our music but for us it was easy. Because Reshad had the idea to bring his friend who plays guitar with White Page, Hojat Hameed. He had also graduated from Afghanistan National Institute of Music in the Field of Violin.

One of the highlights in our Band career was in Solothurn’s partyhall Kofmehl as part of LITERA 10 that was broadcasted by jump. Since thisyear the pianist and keyboard player Dave Free who also attends college at at Kantonschule Solothurn is another bandmember.

For You I’m Gonna Go Till The End of The World

There are different insprations and influences in the music of Aging skies that’s why «For You Im Gonna Go Till The End of The Wold» as mentioned in our song «For You» means something different for each of us, which can be a beloved person or simply music our passion.

For You & With You

In the purpose of sharing our music we will record our first EP «For You» in April. Because we are all still studying ,what we need is your support to change our dream into reality.

Thank you for making it happen!