Olivier Kugler, draughtsman and reporter

Over the last three years Olivier has been working on a highly acknowledged book with illustrations and texts documenting the lives of Syrian refugees he met in different countries.

This work, partly commissioned by Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and supported by the Arts Council England, was exhibited at the Fumetto International Comix Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland as well as published in a variety of international magazines and newspapers.

Olivier’s drawings portraying Syrians in Domiz refugee camp (Iraqi Kurdistan) were awarded with the World Illustration Award 2015. A collection of these drawings titled «Dem Krieg entronnen» just got published in German language by the Swiss publisher Edition Moderne.

An English edition of the book will be published under the title «Escaping War and Waves» in Great Britain by Myriad Editions in June 2018.

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From Damascus to Bogotá

For his next project Olivier plans to tell the story of Almotaz, a young Syrian from Damascus, Olivier met in in Bogota, Colombia.

Over the next months Olivier would love to tell Almotaz’s story by creating drawings and texts based on the material he collected on location.

It is very important to tell this story, as Almotaz’s story shows us how refugees can enrich our lives and society.

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Drawing the story

Olivier’s unique and extremely detailed drawings are very complex in the production. This is why this project needs your help.

The story is too timely and socially incriminating to not be told and printed.

Be part of this story and support Olivier and the people who have lost almost everything through war and destruction.

Be sure to secure one of the exclusive goodies, like posters, a hand-signed book or an original drawing!

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