To see is to know

Give to a schoolchildren of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, their own eye exam and eyeglasses. Our goal is to help 2’000 children, in their schools, from August to September of 2018. Now that this first goal has been reached, help us purchase our own equipment, by reaching 10’000.- !

Serious volunteering

We are an association created by Swiss and Brazilian medical students which has already screened more than 1’000 schoolchildren.

Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee that every participating child is examined and receives his or her pair of eyeglasses, without ever having to leave the school. In addition to that, we come back to the same schools every 2 years and repeat all the eye exams in order to provide proper follow-up.

Our actions occur in 4 steps: pre-screenings are done by trained medical students, complete eye exams are performed by volunteer ophthalmologists, the eyeglasses are donated and finally we analyse our results and make them public.

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By contributing to our second goal, you are investing in the future of our project.

Thanks to you, we will purchase our own ophthalmological equipment. Owning it will free us of rental costs for the next years, which will enable us to grow and bring our service to many more kids.

In exchange for your donation, you will receive a gift card with a value close to the amount offered (+ postal fees).

It’s a good opportunity to try some exotic meals, maybe some empanadas, tacos, pancakes, lebanese or italian delicacies and many more!

And what about sharing with your friends the laser game or escape room tickets?

We also have tickets for super fun activities at Fun Planet such as mini-golf, karting, bowling and accrofun!

For more adrenaline try flying with M. Cascales, a certified and experienced paragliding instructor!

If you are a music fan, you’ll enjoy the beautiful concerts of Sion and Lavaux!

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