ETC, Around The World!

by Céline Terrier


TOGETHER, let’s retrace the 17 years of my grandparents’ round-the-world sailing trip! A SWISS swimwear brand that supports ethics and protects the oceans thanks to ECONYL® recycled fabrics.

CHF 15’230

101% of CHF 15’000

101 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 31/12/2023

From dream to reality...

When I was 10, my first sewing machine triggered a real passion for sewing. From Eracom (CFC) to Esmod (Bachelor), via prestigious fashion shows at the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, each needle has forged my path with determination.

Today, I give life to my creativity by designing swimwear from XXS to XXL on the same machine that launched this adventure. But to take the next step, I need your help.

Your contribution will be the key to this transformation. It will enable the acquisition of professional equipment, unlocking new creative possibilities. Together, let’s sketch out the future of this odyssey and write the next chapter of my brand.

  • ETC, an invitation to embrace your own beauty
    ETC, an invitation to embrace your own beauty
  • Shooting Origine
    Shooting Origine
  • More than a swimsuit, a comfort
    More than a swimsuit, a comfort

A tribute to my grandparents

At every family reunion, my grandparents would recount their many anecdotes about sailing around the world on their yacht Galaxy.

Diving into their archives, I had the impression that I was living a real fairy tale, and it was my duty to bring this journey back to life! So I decided to use it as inspiration to take you on a journey of my own.


Each collection is like a stopover in a new country on this great family adventure. Let’s discover together new ethnic groups, cultures, landscapes and flavours.

Each piece is made from ECONYL® recycled materials and part of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to associations working to protect the oceans.

Recycled boat sails
Recycled boat sails

How will your support help?

Stage 1: 15’000 CHF - A BIG THANK YOU

This will enable me to start selling by buying more supplies and printing my own designs on textiles to create unique fabrics. Each collection is based on a different country from which I draw inspiration for my designs.


As well as having the equipment I need to create several collections and start selling them, I’ll be able to work with craftspeople: jewellers, painters, gardeners… it’s time to think up the most creative projects!

3rd level: 25’000 CHF - A SECOND RANGE

In addition to swimwear, this sum will enable me to develop a second range of ready-to-wear clothing. From shirts to dresses, not forgetting trench coats, I’ve mastered all these techniques thanks to my studies.

  • Behind the scenes
    Behind the scenes
  • In Paris
    In Paris
  • Sewing the «West» bikini
    Sewing the «West» bikini