«Euse Summerhit» - the project

My name’s Denis Maurer and I’ve been working primarily as an actor before the theatres had to close in Switzerland. After too many weeks without any shows I’m launching my own project: «Our Summer Hit». Together with 25 musicians, actors and other artists I want to write a song, record it AND shoot an accompanying music video. Artists should be able to continue their work and make the best of the situation: a music video for you!

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Song and video

The song is written and a first demo-tape has been recorded. I’m currently working on small changes of the lyrics and adapting the melody in order to get an even better sound. As soon as we got the funds together for the studio and the musicians, we’ll get ready for a professional recording. All the anger in the Swiss german lyrics will be underlined with and cured by rock music. :-)

I can’t wait to turn the story line of the video into a detailed film script. As a contrast to the rocky music the video itself will be calmer. The actors tell a short but moving story about loneliness and willpower. That’s exactly what I have been dealing with during the last 12 months.

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Art shall live

The project «Euse Summerhit» is about more than just producing a music video. It gives creative people the possibility to practice their art despite pandemic restrictions. We believe that our work is important especially during these times and has to be kept alive. Wouldn’t you say so, too?

With 8’000 Swiss Francs (7200 Euros or 8500 US Dollars) we pay the recording studio, the filming equipment, transportation, and room reservations. With 12’000 Swiss Francs we can refund travel expenses, provide food whilst working and reimburse the cost of materials of the artists. With 18’000 Swiss Francs we pay all our 25 technicians, screenwriters, actors, and musicians a small salary.

Make sure you get one of our nice rewards!

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