Have you ever dreamt about being transported just for a moment, lulled by a whistle, guided by a voice, into another era? A world where swords dancing in the sky were the only masters of destinies and kingdoms?

The band

Evenmore is a power metal band with celtic influences based in Romont (CH) composed of six musicians, Florian drummer, Fred bassist, Landry guitarist, Lionel keyboardist, Matthieu whistle and bagpipe player and Melissa vocalist. The band created its own style, mixing many influences such as heavy metal, death metal, power metal and even traditional music! Evenmore already had the chance to perform as an opening act for well-known bands such as Lacuna Coil, Xandria, Eluveitie and 77 Bombay Street.

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The album

After the recording of our first EP The Beginning in 2014 and after the arrival of new folk instruments in the band, Evenmore decides to go back into the studio with new compositions that will provide you with your daily dose of power metal, a spoonful of traditional folk music and a slice of heaviness.

This first album will transport you, track after track into a
faraway era, following the adventures of a character through a perilous quest. A concept album that will captivate you and, who knows, that might bring you on the road of our concerts?

SPOILER ALERT : some guests will be hidden within the
instruments and voices of this album…!

Why helping us?

We want to offer you an album of good quality ! But quality has a price. By participating in this campaign, you give us the possibility to achieve the following goals:

  • The recording of the album – Conatus Studios (Vladimir Cochet) & Soundfarm (Anna Murphy and Marco Jencarelli)
  • The artwork
  • The CD pressing
  • The distribution
  • The recording of a video clip
  • The creating of merchandising items

Total cost of the project: CHF 16’000.-.

We thank you a million times for your participation and we hope to see you on the road!
Flo, Fred, Landry, Lio, Matt and Mel