Vacationing American lawyer with a video cam Kurt Hastle is sole eyewitness from an alpine trail in Liechtenstein to the mysterious sudden vanishing of nearly all the world’s very richest and most powerful from their annual retreat. Governance and the economy reeling as a result, lacking visual images or credible evidence, authorities and assisting media swiftly react, wreaking violence and swearing total revenge. Fingered and marked for death because spotted witnessing, Kurt risks all to reveal the truth to the world, and succeeds at far more.

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Why is it

With great effort, as befits a true blockbuster, Evil vanquished will be produced in Hollywood. We are happy to have found an investor who fully backbones our project, but first we need to find in Hollywood a team that suits us and support our mission! We want to talk with directors, producers and film studios, work out a powerful position for us and contractually bind the Hollywood team to our project company . A couple of very interesting contacts from the Hollywood film industry we have already prepared. To bring it all home, we need a budget that covers the costs for travel and meetings with important people in Hollywood. Please support our project numerous!

Screenplay Author Dr. James Hufferd:

«This film would sharply (and very refreshingly) break the spell of »America first« scenarios that everyone expects because that’s all they’ve seen. The final scenes are designed to have everyone on their feet cheering for what happens, as well as just showing the bad. And hopefully, people going back to the imposed difficulties in their daily lives will think of what happens. And then, I think, a flood of critical films will come in a wave.»