Cuzco is ...

Cuzco Production develops, produces and markets very original and exclusive liqueurs based on a magnificent Cognac VS 3 years of age coupled with quality fruit and a spice of fine gastronomy.

Cuzco liqueurs are produced thanks to a tasting committee of four specialists in the field, under the leadership of its founder Patrick Caprotti. Liqueurs made in Lavaux and intended to be enjoyed alone, as an aperitif or at the end of a meal. They are also very appreciated for the creation of Cocktails, Long Drinks and a mixture of Beers that you will not find elsewhere thanks to the originality and specificity of each.

In a few years, Cuzco Production has the ambition to develop a «Prestige» range of some of its liqueurs with a high-end Cognac and aging of the liquor in barrels. A range of liqueur wines and other exclusive drinks are also part of our motivations. Quality, originality and passion … three words for a brand of value … Cuzco, different liqueurs! But for the moment we have produced a small quantity of liquors and thanks to crowdfunding we want to launch a larger production so as to negotiate more attractive prices with our suppliers. The money will also be used to promote the brand and the various products on a larger scale, thereby advancing the brand nationally and internationally. The goal of this cowdfunding will also be to develop new liquors that are clearly ultra original and exclusive.


Our Liqueurs

  • «Belle des Bois» Maple Syrup Liquor with Cognac 50cl (Vol.20%)

  • «Coup de Foudre» Cucumber-Basil Liqueur, 50cl (Vol.22%)

  • «Coeurs des Anges» Strawberry-Sichuan Pepper Liquor 50cl (Vol.24%)

  • «Fleurs des Anges» Cherry-Amchur Liqueur 50cl (vol.24%)

  • «Charmante» Apricot Liqueur - Tonka Bean 50cl (vol.24%)

  • «La Superbe» Raspberry-Basil Liqueur 50cl (vol.24%)

  • «Nuit Blanche» Coconut Liqueur with Cognac and Salt Marin 50cl (vol. 20%)

  • «Unique» Timut Chocolate-Pepper Liquor 50cl (vol.20%)

  • Cognac VS 3 years of age flavored with maple syrup 50cl    (Vol.35%)

  • Cognac VS 3 years old 50cl (vol.40%)


Funding objective:

Funding objective:

  1. Start a larger production.
  2. Negotiate more attractive prices through greater production.
  3. Promote the brand and products nationally and internationally.
  4. Develop new original and exclusive liqueurs.

Plan :

  1. Launch of the new production -> March 2020
  2. Delivery of products -> May 2020
  3. Promotion -> from May 2020
  4. Development of new liqueurs -> from September 2020