EXHIBITION «Personal Structure» GAA-Foundation / Biennale of Arts 19 in Venice

The GAA-Foundation invited me for their exhibition «Personal Structure» at the Palazza Bembo during the Biennale of Arts 2019 from 11th of May to the 29th of November in Venice.

I would love to release my new project «See You Later, Zooxanthellae!» there. It’s about the theory of the «Shifting Baseline» in context with the mass bleaching events which happened in 2016 and 2017 in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Coral reefs have already disappeared globally by 30%. Scientists estimate that we are going to lose coral reefs worldwide until the mid century if we don’t reduce our consumption and CO2 emissions. The effect it would have on us human beings is that we lose the oceans ecosystem and with it 400 million people would lose their daily source of food.

I’m extremely worried about where we are heading at the moment in regards to climate change and the lack of urgent political decisions. With the platform from the GAA-Foundation half million people would have the possibility to get in touch with the topic. They would learn more about the matter, hopefully leading to action. Many people have never heard about coral bleaching or about the theory of the Shifting Baseline. There is still much need to inform people about this topic.

The amount of 39’000 Euro is for those 6 months at the stage of the Palazzo Membo which includes qualified people for the set-up, maintenance and dismantling of the presentation, museum quality lights, audio and video equipment, catalogue, advertisement, press activities, the transport and the whole production of pictures. Also some with frames.


You find further information about the project in the video.

And I offer this for an exchange;

  • Postcard
  • Poster by Graphic Designer Sam Steiner
  • Brunch // Jerusalem
  • Crash Course // Photography
  • Crash Course // Free Diving
  • Tattoo Bee
  • framed picture from the project
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