«face2face»- an installation in the Lisi Hämmerle Gallery in Bregenz

The exhibition «face2face» (17.7. - 30.8.2020) in the Lisi Hämmerle Gallery in Bregenz functions as a walk-in installation, which also expands into the outside space. Life-size prints and objects are installed for the installation, with which visitors can interact. «face2face» is the title of the latest series of works by artist Claudia Larcher. The works deal with tools of digital communication.

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Enable art during Covid-19!

Originally planned as a summer exhibition during the now cancelled Bregenzer Festspiele, the installation is now being planned to be shown, now more than ever. The gallery owner Lisi Hämmerle has been a fixed point in the Vorarlberg art and culture scene for decades with her experimental exhibitions and projects. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the caution of many visitors, the exhibition will also be made visible to the outside world through the window front of the gallery.

With your support we can pre-finance the exhibition!

With your support we finance the poster walls in the gallery and on the glass front. You also help the artist to pre-finance her objects and keep the gallery running.