Fashion designer Atelier

by Anne-Sophie Villard


I recently got an incredible space to finally have a creative workshop and a showroom space to welcome you. But it requires a lot of adjustments and new equipment.

CHF 22’730

151% of CHF 15’000

151 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 20/10/2022

Creation and development of a creative bridal workshop & showroom in Geneva

My project is to set-up and decorate my new sewing workshop & showroom space.

A unique space in Geneva that I want to dedicate to my work - through my sewing workshop - as well as to a place to meet my clients, thanks to my new showroom.

Among 60 candidates, without any shortcuts (this is saying something in Geneva! ;) ) I did not suspect that I would be lucky enough to get this workshop, much bigger than my previous one, in the heart of Geneva. A bright and warm space, generator of ideas and wonderful projects!

I would like to make this space a place of work (sewing room) and a meeting place (showroom). To do this, I need to raise funds that would allow me to buy new sewing equipment, essentials to practice my craft, practical and beautiful furnishings to receive you and all my clients in an enchanted, elegant and dreamy space.

Only a few Swiss craftswomen create tailor-made dresses

I am one of the few wedding dress designers in Geneva. And having a space that breathes dreams, softness and beauty is one of the most important elements of my field. In addition to the experience of creation, I really wish to be able to bring to my future brides and to all my ready-to-wear customers a beautiful moment in this magical space. This space has so much potential - it could host fashion shows, events, but most of all serve as inspiration and the desire to create every day.

The installation: So that the cobbler's children DO have shoes

The money raised will allow me to finance:

  • The material for the showroom Approx. CHF 8000.00
  • The essentials to set up the workshop Approx. CHF 4500.00
  • To cover the costs related to the crowdfunding campaign CHF 2,500 (and yes, it doesn’t look like it but this whole campaign costs a lot of money!)

In a second step I would like to be able to:

  • Buy new professional sewing machines CHF 5000.-
  • Renovate the terrace for the fashion shows CHF 6000.-
  • Renovate the bathroom for your comfort CHF 3000.-

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