The true colors of the Femen

By winning the Femen’s confidence, director Alain Margot obtained exclusive pictures of these women and thus brought back images and testimonies that were unknown of the general public till now.

Widely covered by the medias, the Femen feminist movement, founded in Ukraine several years ago, struggles for the respect of women’s rights and against sexual tourism which is their country’s first advertisement. They also firmly condemn the corrupted oligarchs and their president. Today, these activists see further and aspire to an international Femen movement for a political revolution and the establishment of a true democracy in their country.

Their weapons? Their bodies!

Naked breasts and fists clasped, they defend their ideals like no one else before. May they be loved or hated, supported or misunderstood, the Femen bedazzle the crowds with their provoking and vanguard actions.

Who are these women?

Where do they come from?

How did their movement start?

What do their relatives think of all this?

All of these questions find answers in Femen-God is a Woman, a poignant film that attempts to picture authentically, and reveal, this new kind of activists.

Why do we need a platform seeking outside funding?

We are now entering the postproduction of the film and are looking for more support to help us complete our budget. But, more important: we ask for your help in order to make these debate/meetings possible with the Femen, who have already agreed on following the film for the swiss premieres.

Every contribution counts! Spread this news as largely as possible around you and help us make this exceptional experience come true.

The film protagonists

Anna Hustol, president and eminence grise of the group.

Oksana Shachko, co-founder and artist of the movement, she signs the visual identity of the Femen.

Sacha Shevchenko, muse of the group, she aims to go in politics.

Inna Shevchenko researched runaway by the secret services for cutting a cross in the center of Kiev to support the Pussy Riot.