The first eco-festival the green wave in Fribourg needs you to initiate a wave of change! A weekend to raise an ecological awareness among all the generations!

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Successfully concluded on 18/1/2019

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The first eco-festival the green wave in the city of Fribourg will be happening on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th April 2019 at blueFACTORY.

The festival the green wave brings together local initiatives of the canton of Fribourg which advocate for a more sustainable future. The festival’s ambition is to raise awareness among all the generations about the importance of reducing our ecological footprint and to offer practical & easily applicable solutions. The children and the families are at the heart of the program with activities specially designed for them. A place to share and build a real citizen movement.

Waste reduction and food waste are the main topics of this first edition. Other topics such as organic farming, sustainable food and nutrition, ethical fashion, health and well-being, natural beauty and personal care, green housing, soft mobility and renewable energies will also be part of the program.

What to expect when visiting the festival: a diverse exhibition with local initiatives, insightful conferences, creative workshops, family activities, film screenings, a food area and a cultural stage with musical and artistic performances.

Coherence and transparency on every front

Driven by the environmental responsibility, the festival the green wave aims to reflect its values into its organisation. Bearing in mind that the ecological footprint of a festival is usually substantial, the green wave sets out to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible by putting in place sustainable and eco-responsible solutions throughout its organisation. Material upcycling to build the festival’s architecture, local partners to minimise the impact of transport, a food area with vegetarian/vegan meals and snacks served in reusable containers, an upstream communication encouraging the visitors of the festival to reduce their waste, a communication campaign focused on reducing the posters and flyers printed, an incentive to use public transports to come to the festival, a sustainable administrative management, ecological toilets, a cultural stage powered by bicycles, etc. A full transparency on the ecological footprint of the festival!

Access to the festival the green wave will be 100% free so as to give the opportunity to everyone to take part into all the activities. The visitors will have the possibility to value their participation at the end of the activities and when leaving the festival.

Every drop matters!

Together we are stronger and we can create a real wave of change in the canton of Fribourg!

The money collected during this campaign will allow us to organise quality awareness-building activities for children and families, to promote local initiatives, to invite motivational speakers & actors of change, to put in place eco-responsible waste reduction solutions and to encourage the visitors to reduce their ecological footprint during the festival thanks to an upstream communication and on the site.

The rewards capture the soul of the festival: focusing on experiences, sustainable consumption and in a spirit of waste reduction. Get to know first hand some of our partners for the festival and discover local initiatives that are leading the way in the canton of Fribourg.