FiDO celebrates birthday - A Concert-Movie

by FiDOplaysZAPPA


Swiss 10-piece Orchestra FiDO celebrates its 10th birthday – with a concert-movie/dvd of the last gig of their spring-tour in Gare du Nord Basel.

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Ten years of FIDO (*July 11th 2003), twenty years without FRANK († December 4th 1993) – the Swiss 10-piece-orchestra is back on the road and celebrates its big birthday and the sad fact that it’s already been 20 years since the passing of it’s favourite composer, guitarist and idiosyncratic bogeyman.

The last show of their spring-tour on 21.3.13 at Baselʼs «Gare du Nord» is gonna be filmed and released digitally and on dvd in autumn 2013.

Besides a musical Best-Of of FiDOʼs last ten years, the band will be filmed touring, rehearsing, discussing and of course eating (one of the most important things for some bandmembers) by director Sergio Cassiniʼs (Swiss TV, 3Sat etc) Crew.

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Weʼre all working for little money, ʼcos we love what we do – weʼre not only in it for the money! Shooting a movie takes a lot of it though – rent of material, cameramen, editing, audio, dvd-production etc. So we need you to help us realize that project.

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What will you get for it?

Big Thanks & eternal gratitude! ..but also some cool rewards like signed dvds, original setlists, lifelong FiDO-guestlist or a private gig at your home (if near Switzerland..). Just check the list.