Fight Hunger, Fight Corona

von Naveen Shams und Rhythima

Zürich, Mumbai und Delhi

Social Distancing is a luxury for the world's poor. India’s 21 day lockdown has thrown thousands of daily wage workers out of jobs. Help vulnerable families and the unemployed buy food & medicines.

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How is life for people who can’t work from home?

Around 90% of India’s workforce (around 400 million) is employed in the informal sector, according to the International Labour Organization. These people work in roles of street food vendors, security guards, garbage collectors, domestic help, etc. Daily wages lie between 300 to 400 rupees (around 3.8 - 5.0 CHF) and this is only sufficient for a day’s need, and thus every work day counts. With India in a 21 day lockdown, most of the informal workforce has lost their daily work and income and now they have to choose between safety against Coronavirus and hunger.

Fight Hunger, Fight Corona, Support our Fundraising for India.

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How will your donations be used?

With your donation, these families would not need to compromise their safety anymore by risking themselves to find new work, or fight hunger.

Basically, for the price you pay for a pizza home delivery, you can pay for a family’s basic essentials for 21 days and help sustain themselves in these difficult times. Even the smallest payment means saving lives and we heartily thank you for your support!

A very basic meal (a combination of wheat flour, rice and two types of lentils) and other essentials like soap, sanitizer, sanitary napkins, etc for a family of 4, for a week, costs around 10 CHF (750 Rs). Summing it up for 3 weeks, this would mean at least 30 CHF for 21 days of lockdown. In addition, they need access to medicines for pre-existing medical conditions, soaps and sanitizers, and sanitary napkins.

Your money offers these families and the unemployed a psychological and financial buffer to survive the lockdown, which may most probably be extended up to 2 months.

This is a 100% non-profit campaign. All funders will receive a financial transparency report disclosing the use of proceeds from this crowdfunding.

Once you select an amount to donate, all proceeds will be used for providing the cash to families of daily wage earners through:

  1. Our trusted and dedicated network of 40 - 60 distributors in various cities and towns of India, while adhering to physical distancing guidelines. These distributors have identified and personally know the vulnerable families within their neighbourhoods.
  2. And also through pre-established platforms including, but not limited to, Donation Campaign ’Feeding India’ and Donation Campaign by Art of Living

We appreciate all amounts: 30 CHF - 300 CHF (Basic support for 1 - 10 families) : Support a family with money for essential food & medical supplies for 21 days.

300 CHF - 2000 CHF (Basic community support): With pledging 300 CHF or more, you would be helping not just many families, but also saving the communities from the spread of coronavirus. India has slum areas which will be hard hit in these times, due to many daily wage laborers living there and their high density. Saving more than 10 families can save the entire community.

2000 CHF or more (Support communities with goods): There are bigger campaigns which we would like to support, which are directly deliver goods like essential medicines to the daily wage communities.

Supporters and References:

Nithin (South Delhi), Kripakar (Mumbai), Titus (Trichur), Wahida (Cochin), Jyotsna (Mumbai) are leading efforts to identify and distribute money in various cities and towns of India.

Naveen (Zurich), Rhythima (Zurich) and Kaleido Verein (Zurich) is supporting to collect and organize the fund transfer to India.

We will constantly update the links, references, and news section below to the situation unfolding in India: