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Startup and Community


MakeItClean with Ukrainians

by Bohdan Lukianenko

Our family from Ukraine is starting a cleaning and dry cleaning company in Switzerland to be independent and create jobs. We plan to use crowdfunding to obtain the necessary equipment.

23 %
CHF 2’395
4 days to go

Games and Community


As a passionate game developer, I present Speedo, the interactive card game with the Speedo App. The app is already in the App Store, but I need your help to produce the cards.

0 %
3 days to go

Community, Environment, and Education


Climate Talks & Permaculture

by Zoe Stadler and Ursula Bründler Stadler

With trainings and engagement weeks in our permaculture garden, we want to strengthen the closeness to nature. With the Ranfter climate talks, we strengthen the discussion and network active people.

92 %
CHF 23’108
6 days to go



Rette King Louie – VW Bus T3

by Dominik Ruckstuhl

Nicht nur der Orang Utan, als Namensgeber unseres VW Büsli, ist vom Aussterben bedroht - nun hat es auch unseren geliebten Bus erwischt! Rette unseren Bus, indem du ihn für einen Roadtrip mietest!

0 %
CHF 80
5 days to go

Startup, Community, and Art


The Bildraum Miravalle needs heating. The old town house in Intragna became a meeting place for sketchers and should be available for open meetings and courses all year round.

49 %
CHF 20’460
4 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Lausanne and Geneva

Fem in 1

by Sarah Casieri, Morgane Gläser, and Catherine Ringenbach

Créons ensemble Fem in 1, lieu d’échanges pour recevoir astuces et conseils sur la périnatalité, lors de formations incluant les savoirs des médecines complémentaires et classique et du coaching.

90 %
CHF 26’635
7 hours to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Sport


HerRise Center

by Takhmina Nasimova, Elizaveta Leaf, and Yoga_Daria_Danilovich

Discover the power of healthy living. HërRise Center is aiming to be a unique space in Geneva that will bring to you the power of yoga, aromatherapy, and energy healing.

8 %
CHF 1’350
3 days to go

Community and Education


Children who had to flee within Ukraine could take almost nothing with them. We give them notebooks and pens, which they urgently need for school and thus bring some color into their lives.

101 %
CHF 30’340
5 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education


Children Of Rohingya

by Nicole Bachmann

Wir sammeln Geld für Rohingya-Kinder, eine ethnische muslimische Minderheit. Sie leben in Armut und ohne Rechte. Die Flüchtlingskinder haben keinen Zugang zu Bildungs- oder Gesundheitsprogrammen.