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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Pechino. But this may be of interest to you.
Games and Community


Üsers Spel öbers Liachatasto isch fertig! Met 300 Begreff öber Liachtastoner Eigaheita, Persönlichkeita, Sähenswördigkeita oder Dialäktwörter isches an einzigartigs und sackstarks Kartaspel.
by severin.kranz, theresa.goop, and arabella.stock, Vaduz
119% funded
CHF 5’956 pledged
2 days to go

7 days at -31°

Unser neues Album ist fertig angerührt und muss nur noch gebacken werden! Genre: Death/Grind
by ThomasRinderer and sirius, Winterthur
32% funded
CHF 1’630 pledged
27 hours to go

Noten für Notenpunkt!

Unsere Noten, Bücher und Blockflöten erhalten ein neues Zuhause. Wir ziehen an die Oberdorfstrasse 9. Für die Renovation des neuen Lokals bitten wir um Ihre Unterstützung.
by Notenpunkt, Zürich
119% funded
CHF 59’700 pledged
27 hours to go
Architecture, Technology, and Environment

LIVO form of living

We build modular, mobile and sustainable small buildings and you can help us to make the construction of the first residential house possible.
by Damian, Basel
30% funded
CHF 30’480 pledged
2 days to go

Poésie Nocturne

«Z the Freshman» und das Kollektiv «Hotel Samar» haben sich zusammengetan um ein Coming of age R&B Album auf Mundart zu produzieren. Dafür brauchen sie deine Hilfe!
by Z the Freshman & Hotel Samar, Bern
180% funded
CHF 6’805 pledged
2 days to go
Fair Trade, Community, and Environment


Le «DuraPass» est un livre comprenant des réductions et offres chez plus de 35 acteurs de la durabilité du canton de Neuchâtel. Soutenez-nous pour un quotidien plus durable et écoresponsable !
by Green UP, Neuchâtel
96% funded
CHF 7’700 pledged
4 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Book – Picture of the day

A book of 365 photographs, ready to be printed. Contribute to this unique one-year project aimed at producing a quality image every day in connection with a long journey.
by Frédéric, Sainte-Croix
51% funded
CHF 5’186 pledged
5 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

School for Baka children

In the north of Gabon, there is a Baka village («pygmy»), called Doumassi, in which live more than 50 children. None of them go to school, as the nearest school is located more than 9km away...
by Association Culture Nature Edzengui, Minvoul
79% funded
CHF 9’490 pledged
2 days to go

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