Two days later... !

After only two days, we have reached our initial target ! Enormous ! But Yanač still needs you : if we reach 4000 francs, we will be able to add a tune on the CD !

We will do everything to give you back musically the joy it is for us to feel supported.

Jazz, Klezmer and Kyshie music

Hi, this is us Yanač ! Because it’s getting cold and we can’t go out anymore to make the pedestrian streets vibrate, get filmed by tourists with their Iphones or receive food from sympathetic shop keepers, we’ve decided to record some of our tunes. We tried last winter to do it by ourselves…. no comment. So, this year, we decided to get recorded by people who really know how it works and to make an EP (mini-album).

The project, technically

The CD should be released in March 2014, just before spring comes back. It should include 5 tunes for a total duration of about 30mn, and will be recorded at the Studio Mécanique in La Chaux-de-Fonds, midst in the winter. The cover will be designed by Raphaël Piguet, a photographer and designer.

Why is it important ?

It’s true that we feel better in public than in a room, by ourselves with microphones which, even if hyper sensitive in their own way, do not offer the same interaction as a true audience. But besides keeping us busy during the winter (and in a beautiful way, because we already very much look forward to recording in such a great studio as the Mécanique!), producing a CD is important. It helping us to promote our music and be heard by programmers of concert halls, bars and festivals.

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And why support us ?

  • You are amongst the people who heard us and then asked if we had a CD, and to whom we said « uh… no, but maybe some day…well, I don’t know… but right now, no… yep… there is some bad quality stuff on the Internet, but well… »
  • You want to have a super cool t-shirt, designed by Raphaël Piguet.
  • You are really nice and willing to support a group you don’t even know !
  • You love Klezmer and Jazz concerts and you wish to share your passion with friends, in the intimacy of your home.
  • You wish to get this absolutely unique object, the « Collector Box » of the first Yanač album.

The Box, let's talk about it !

Music represents almost our entire life. Almost, because our flutist did take the time, on his way, to become a boat constructor. Whereupon he’s very good at all sorts of wooden crafts (among others). For the release of the CD, he will make 25 customized handmade boxes, in ash wood, to include the CD, the t-shirt and Yanač goodies. All boxes will be different from each other, and numbered from 1 to 25. It’s a beautiful object which could then become a tool kit, a make-up case or a cookie box, or just proudly attest that you have a unique piece of the famous Collector Box of the first Yanač CD !

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See you soon !