Flexopecten Glaber Ponticus – the treasure of the Black Sea: What is it about?

The sea has always been an endless source of inspiration and inner peace for me. My wife and I are owners of a beautiful, colorful and numerous collection of more than a thousand seashells, which we would like to exhibit with your support. The pearl in the crown in our collection are the Flexopecten Glaber Ponticus shells – the Scallops of the Black Sea, part of which you can see below.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a modern gallery, in which visitors will be able see our collection in a nice and relaxing atmosphere and bring some harmony into their busy day. We plan to do this in three steps – first to publish a brochure, then to organize some exhibitions and in the end to establish a gallery, which will become the new home of our collection.

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What have we already accomplished on our own?

We succeeded in fulfilling the first step on our own last year and now the brochure «The Simplest Guide to Black Sea Shells» is already a fact. It is an easy and colorful guide with photos, names and short descriptions of the shells, that can be found along the beaches of the Black Sea.


What do we need your support for?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to fund the second step from our plan. We want to organize exhibitions in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia and also in Varna and Burgas – the two biggest cities on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, in order to show our collection to the public. We would like to invite the visitors into the wonderful world of seashells and we hope to turn their attention to these small animals through the enormous diversity of their colorful shells. Visitors will be acquainted not only with collection of scallops, but all the species that can be found on the Black Sea shore.

What will be the rewards for you?

We have prepared many rewards for you in order to thank you for your support. Let our brochure, photo souvenirs and photo prints make your day more colorful and bright, or come with us on a 3-hours shell collecting trip in order to spend some great time on the beach, learn many things about the shells and to make your own sea shell collection. If you are interested in photography I invite you on a sunrise photo shoot on the beach, share with you some tips and tricks I use in sunrise photography and lend you my photography equipment, with which in good weather conditions you will be able to see and photograph even the sunspots. If you decide to become one of our main backers, you will receive some of our most beautiful shells, or you will be invited to join us on a shell collecting weekend on our favorite beach (hotel stay is included in the reward and in the evening we invite you to the best fish restaurant nearby to enjoy some fresh seafood).

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Thank you for your attention and your support!!!