FlügelSchlagfertig. CD

by HannaBachmann

Vienna, Semmering, and Feldkirch

The pianist Hanna Bachmann shows with her second CD that classical music is not always a serious matter. Beethoven’s humour meets Prokofiev’s sarcasm and Mozart's jokes are well-known anyway.

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The Idea

Having intensely explored the topic ’farewell’ in my debut CD, it is now time for some lighter fare. Thus, my new album shall delve into different forms of humour. Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations and Prokofiev’s Sarcasms provide the main impulses for this project, so I hope listening to this recording of mine will be a pleasure in the very meaning of the word!

The Idea Behind the Idea

BEETHOVEN’s Diabelli Variations will be - also due to their dimension - the centre of the new recording. Undoubtedly this is one of the greatest piano works of all, in which Beethoven also shows his humorous side. The 33 variations are based on an untypical waltz written by the editor Diabelli, which Beethoven throughout the variations comments on, criticizes, parodies, laughs of, destructs…he partly changes the theme to such extent that it cannot be recognised anymore. But then he suddenly turns back to the theme by picking single elements of it and alienating them, so due to the new context they get a completely different meaning. Contrasted with PROKOFIEV’s almost macabre humour, this becomes even more explosive. Extremely dramatic passages immediately lead into lyric ones, from time to time one has the illusion to even hear laughter in the music. The five pieces nearly seem like different acts of a surrealistic theatre play. As if that weren’t enough MOZART’s very own esprit is being added to these two works as well: His well-known letters now and then show ribald sides, being in stark contrast to his music. You will get the chance to hear how these antipodes find together on the new CD, the selection of music of which hopefully strikes the right note for everyone!

Some Words About Myself

I do love music and challenging projects that help me grow. I sincerely appreciate your support for my second CD!

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