Help us turn on the neon lights

Closed since March 16, we are suffering the full brunt of the Corona Virus crisis, we should resume on June 8 but in the meantime the rents are due and our lessor does not accept any exemption. In addition, reservations are stopped and the repercussions will be felt for months.We cannot consider additional credit. We are already working on a voluntary basis to develop Fluosports.

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First in Europe

A unique concept in Switzerland, our rooms are entirely dedicated to the practice of your favorite sports in a fluorescent atmosphere. A daring bet that has proven itself, our 88-year-old dean enjoyed table tennis.Sporty or not, we get caught up in this atmosphere where everyone is unrecognizable and full of colors, ideal for letting go. Kids love to celebrate their birthday at Fluosports.

Where does your money go?

Your donations will only be used to pay the rents during the confinement and the two months that follow. We will continue to work on a voluntary basis to develop our concept. Your money will be used as a vaccine for Fluosports to survive the virus. Our counterparts are up to your generosity, each donation will be rewarded with a gift valid for life, about twice the value of the donation.

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