Perché questo progetto?

I was raised in a little town near Lugano. I remember the day when a roundabout was built to replace an intersection that seemed to be obstructing the increasing flow of traffic. I remember that time as a period of innovation and renaissance for an area that, until then, seemed to my youthful eyes a little unchanged world of its own. Shortly afterwards, the whole area surrounding the roundabout changed as a result of this traffic alteration, transforming it forever. It was around this time that I unknowingly realized for the first time how the changes of the region created changes in the people that lived there. Unfortunately, I have no memory (or, at least, a vague one) of what that little intersection looked like; perhaps it is the difficulty that I have in attempting to remember that place before these changes that compels me to work on the places around the mouth of the River Cassarate – because visual memory is part of our cultural patrimony and of our identity.


Support the publication of the book

This crowdfunding campaign is to support the costs of realization of the photographic book Foce. Many people work in a photo book, there is who is responsible for digitizing images, graphics designers, translators of the texts, the person who calibrates the colors for printing, the authors of the texts, who corrects the texts. All these people work together to make the best of the book, and they do great!

Five good reasons to support the project

  • Historical memory
  • Promotion of the territory
  • Collective identity
  • Promotion of local culture
  • Love of culture
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The book (dummy)

The publication of the book FOCE is entrusted to the publishing house Edizioni Casagrande that print and distribute the book in the whole of Switzerland and northern Italy. The graphic design has been realized by theredbox study by Alberto Bianda. Both recognized professionals of great quality and experience in the publishing industry. Also there are two written contributions! A personal and intimate text on Foce written by Giovanna Masoni Brenni, memories and reflections. A short story by the Swiss writer Oliver Scharpf who specifically wrote a story of visual relations between the mouth of the Cassarate and the New York High Line!

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Unedited-never seen

Yet there is no comprehensive work documenting the intervention at the mouth of the Cassarate, this book and the images it contains are the first vision of a place forever transformed. A unique historical document and unpublished.