Fokus:Kontrabass in Vienna

by Sofija Palurovic

Vienna and Vienna

Support us at putting together a show dedicated to the double bass!
This «background instrument» takes center stage at a concert on the 25th of October in Vienna!

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It's all about the background instruments fighting back!

Have you ever wondered why some instruments bask in the spotlight while others remain hidden in the orchestra? We take that question seriously in our project «Fokus» – and we have an answer: Background instruments are fighting back!

Help us put together our pilot project and first show - Fokus:Kontrabass, taking place on the 25th of October in Vienna!

Our first concert is dedicated to showing you the full potential of the double bass - through a landscape of genres, elements, sounds and colors.

And we are doing it with very special people - Dominik Wagner, Georg Breinschmid and Dušan Sretović take you through an unforgettable evening with an exceptionally diverse and exciting program to show you what the classical music industry has been missing out on!

© Julia Wesely
© Julia Wesely

It doesn't have to stay a certain way, just because «that´s how it always was».

It’s time to address the elephant in the concert hall – where’s the humor in classical music?

Let’s face it, the classical music world could use a good laugh!

Classical music has a rich tradition, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy or inaccessible. By infusing our project with pure fun, we’re not only challenging norms but also making classical music more engaging and inclusive. Let’s inject some much-needed giggles into the scene and show the world that laughter belongs in the concert hall just as much as the music does!

Who we are and why you should support us:

We are Sofija Palurovic (pianist and photographer) and Dominik Wagner (double bassist and double bass professor). We often play together as a double bass/piano duo but putting projects together with the double bass has proven to be rather difficult due to the fact that concert organisers usually have trouble programming it into their concerts, with the excuse that it WON´T SELL.

But in 5 years of performing together we have seen that in fact - the opposite is true! Our audiences are hungry for something new and they are totally open to hearing an instrument such as the double bass in a new way. And so - our idea was born! Why not organise a series of concerts dedicated to the instruments that are often left out of the spotlight? And why not dedicate the first one to the double bass?

Why you should help us on this journey?

Well, apart from being part of the change, your donation can support a young and diverse team and ensure fair compensation for everyone involved. Moreover, you’ll be part of a project that aims to enrich the classical music scene with humor and innovation!

Your donation will help us with:

-fair payments for all our artists -photo and video documentation -venue rent -printing programs and more!

But that’s not all! As a supporter of «Fokus», you’ll not only get bragging rights but also plenty of goodies, from concert tickets to exclusive house concerts. So, what are you waiting for? Join us as we shake up the classical music scene and write history together!

Sofija & Dominik
Sofija & Dominik