The tough pea’s food truck

OVNYVORE is composed by five friends from Yverdon-les-Bains who have decided to take their fate in hand by associating together under the aegis of OVNY. Destined to allow the creation of social and solidarity-based economy projects in the region of Yverdon, the OVNY association opens itself to the world and launches the first of a long series of projects: A food truck community, local and bio, active around the Nord Vaudois area and the region of Lausanne. At L’OVNYVORE, we offer a vegetal based cuisine rich and varied, where everything is home-made. We work with local producers and we make sure to respect the rhythm of the seasons. We also make sure to limit food waste by using a maximum of delicious products as a second choice and by offering you the possibility of being served in your own containers at a reduced fare.

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The peas landing'

Have you gotten fed up with eating those sandwiches sold by large surface supermarkets, kebabs or other salads wrapped in layers of plastic? Does your lunch time leave you a bitter (bad?) taste in your mouth and you have checked all the food stalls at your favourite festival? Don’t get bored anymore, the peas from the OVNY association have landed on our planet to offer you a new culinary alternative! With a perfect alchemy, based on the savoir-faire of our bio producers from the Nord Vaudois area, the creativity of our creative chefs and the ultra-developed mind of our masterminds, L’OVNYVORE will be able to cover all your gastronomic desires, calming down your more extreme cravings. L’OVNYVORE is concerned about offering ethical, ecological and local products. Being a generator of well-being and communicative pleasure, L’OVNYVORE experience is fully lived, with no hidden agenda. Our daily specials evolve through the different seasons and they perfectly match our customisable sandwich offers. Ice tea, traditional coffee and other home-made drinks will calm your thirst… The astronaut peas from L’OVNYVORE are delighted to guide you throughout these taste expeditions and count on your help in order to allow the launch of their space shuttle.

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Your help is paramount

OBJECTIVE CHF 30,000 We need your support to achieve the refurbishment of our food truck and to buy the last materials needed to launch our activity. This collected money will be also used to finance:

  • Renovation materials for the trailer
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Food supply
  • Towing vehicle for our trailer
  • Solar panels setup

And if our campaign allows us to do so, many other ideas such as:

  • Artisanal Coffee machine
  • Creation of a living space around the trailer
  • Creation of our own garden space